Kommentare   ...traveled around Buenos Aires and South America- now back in Germany!

Bosques de Palermo - you can find everyone here: lovers, rollerbladers, bikers, readers, mate-drinkers, guitar players, carriages, young& old, father who feeds the gooses with his kids, child that smells various roses until it finds the best to give to her mum, guy who circles around the lake with a radio playing romantic songs, grandmother and -father who take pictures of roses and compare afterwards who got the best shot, old guy with a cigarette and a glass of wine explaining the world to the group of youth sitting around him, children playing hide and seek between the roses..

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La Boca VIII - Carlos Sosa: painter without hands, he paints with his mouth. I asked him to draw me an artwork and the best thing about it: I was able to watch him painting it - he needed 2 hours because he was interrupted all the time by people walking by wanting to talk to him about his genius talent. He even drives his own car! Go meet him at Caminito if you have time, he lives there too.
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La Boca - Caminito IV - This crazy person dresses her various dogs with football outfits to gain money, poor dogs.

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